Gracious, goodness me!!!!  Another post, and so soon!  Before you know it, I’ll be posting 10 or 20 a day!  (Shudder, shudder)…I tremble in awe of nrhatch and theonlycin, who seem to be able to do multiple posts so effortlessly!  Since my typing is limited, I wanted to share with you some random photographs taken this year around our house here in the mountains of North Carolina.

In the presence of such creation, I am in total awe of God’s mysterious wondrous variety!  How blessed we are to witness all this beauty – created for God’s own pleasure, which God has so wonderfully shared with us.  I ask that wisdom be granted to all, that we might tend it carefully, to keep it safeguarded from our own foolishness.  How much we have lost because of our own wanton destruction!  How much remains for which we are to show our faithful stewardship?  It’s up to us all…enjoy the beauty of the earth!

Here is some of  my recent photos- it is a song of praise to the Creator.

Love those antennae and feet!

Smok(e)y Mountain “smoke” – and I prefer putting the “e” in Smokey, though sometimes I bow to convention.

Near sunset, after a rain.

These guys (and mates) are incredibly prolific!  I’ve seen hundreds throughout this summer.

They seldom share one of these blossoms. . .

Reflection of the sunrise in our gazing ball.  A spider was busy overnight.

No, I am NOT a lawn ornament!  I’m a Canada Goose (and don’t call me “Canadian!”  Never even been there!)

He obviously knows his complementary colors!

Chirrrr – rip!

On these blossoms, they will often share – especially if they are different species.

If you can enlarge this photo, you will see the sticky “sap” that they exude from the ends of their feet.  Keeps them stable, I guess!

Is this where Sikorsky got his idea?

For those of you wondering what some of those insects are:  The black and yellow fuzzy beast is a “Hummingbird Moth.”  I had never seen one before this year, and was fascinated by the incredible CONSTANT rapid flapping.  Only a couple of the photos show his wings as more than a blur.  I love the one with the “helicopter effect” of his wings, seen from above!  Also the orange/black butterfly is an “Aphrodite Fritillary,” the black/blue is an “Indigo Swallowtail,” the black/white moth is called a “Neighbor Moth,” and flies around in day and night – unusual for most moths.  BTW, the Hummingbird Moth is also diurnal.  Most of you will recognize the “Appalachian Tiger Swallowtail.”  The white/light blue butterfly is a “Summer Azure.”  Can any of you find the grasshopper in the grass in one of the photos? The black/orange/white-spotted butterfly is the Silver Spotted Skipper.”

Sunset. . .
Hey!  You up front!  Are you sure we’re going in the right direction?

The flowers which most of the butterflies are on are our aptly named “Butterfly Bush,” and the large hot pink blossom is our Hibiscus – some of its blossoms are more than 8″ across, which is not unusual.  The farther south you go, the bigger the blossom!  Hope you enjoy!

Until next time – enough. . .