(Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

So, taking to heart  the advice so often offered to me, I give you today’s ode – the Ode to Simplicity. You’ll see. . .I am trying!

I’ve heard it over and over again –
The bigger the word, the more the pain
To understand what one is reading!
But I’ll not heed such lazy pleading
To simplify the things I write –
No! I can’t give up the fight
To use the whole vocabulary
Comprising my own formulary
Of words I use for the edification
Of those who lack my sophistication!
Sound condescending or high-fallutin’?
My reply is “Yer darn tootin’!”
Though I’ve come at last to the conclusion
That precise expression is my delusion.
Still – I struggle every day
For exactly le mot juste to say.
(Therefore, when I’m in a pinch
I will resort to using French.)
But knowing the distance words can create
‘Twixt poet and reader, I know my fate:
Continue to complexify
and use those words that vexify
Or reduce all words to just one syllable
Like “cash is due” for “services billable.”
I see it now, my choice is clear:
For my readership will shrink, I fear,
If I continue on my path
And thus incur their scorn and wrath
For my poetry, often complicated
With words long and unaltercated.
Were I to define, their minds might atrophy,
and explaining to them my lofty philosophy
of language, most surely would perturb me,

Irritate, nettle, rag, disturb me.
So if the reader’s always right,
Then I must give up and cede this fight!
From this day on I’ll do my best
To satisfy my rhyming quest
By using words both short and easy –
Even when they make me queasy.
But, untilI get the hang of it,
You can expect me to harangue a bit!

©Paula Tohline Calhoun-2010

This shameless act of self-promotion, by posting my odes several times on multiple sites, is my attempt to put myself  “out there” as much as possible. My bust won’t, so I have to distinguish myself otherwise.  Besides, it is my blog, after all.  Please feel free to write your own and publish new material every day.  Me?  I’m lazy, and loving it!

Regards to you all, my Gentle Readers, and when it comes to my sterling poetry, may you never get

enough. . .