Now, that title intrigues you, doesn’t it?  Don’t worry – I have gone neither completely profane, nor insane.  Hubs and I were turned in this evening to a wonderful segment from a great “Public Radio International” program called “Life on Earth.”  The segment we were delighted to have caught while on the way home from dinner was about the “Park Spark Project”  If you do nothing else today, please click on the following link and read a little bit about this wonderful, innovative, and highly creative idea that takes advantage of readily, continuously available resources heretofore gone to “waste,” in order to create infinitely renewable energy, at almost zero cost!

Link #1 – The Park Spark Project

Link #2 –  The Scoop

I am so encouraged to learn that the creative spark of genius is still alive and well, and fully functioning here in the good old USA!  I encourage you all to “spread it around!”

After reading the first link, click on the second – it will take you to the “Life on Earth” web site where you can find the transcript of the program we listened to this evening, as well as the Real Audio link so you can listen to it yourself!

(I posted this today because my newest ode, “Ode to Homonyms,” is giving me more problems than at first anticipated.  I’m not giving up on it, but it will be a while before I’m ready to share it – stay tuned!)

So, until then Gentle Readers, I won’t tell you exactly what I’m wishing you enough of – but follow the links – you’ll figure out what I mean this time when I wish you all enough. . .