On Fridays, readers are offered a challenge by “Sidey,”  on her website:   http://viewfromtheside.wordpress.com/.   This week’s was post was taken up by “the onlycin,” and now by me – although I guess you could call this now a “Sunday – or any day – Challenge.”  This week the challenge is to write on one subject – 200 words or less – on “GRASS.”  It’s your choice, I suppose, about which grass you choose to write.  Here’s my version:

Ode to My Grass

I love the shade of softest green
That grass can sometimes be;
A perfect carpet that I’ve seen
Beneath a shady tree.

And oh, how much I long for
Such beauty from my lawn, for
Some reason I have been denied
The chance to gaze and fill with pride
At my own lush scenery
And walk upon such greenery.

Instead, I’m forced to cultivate
A field of weeds, a parking lot

For every type of foliate
To cover every bare spot
Created by a dog or cat
That stops to poop or pee upon
And turn to yellow all that
I’d hoped there could be green on.
My dreams of lush and soft perfection
I’ve placed upon the shelf
And pulled from there my sad collection
Of weeds, and let the lawn itself
Grow what it will, alack, alas!
Instead I dream of  things I’ve grown
Like spiky leaves of crabby grass
And other weeds the wind has sown.

The poem is mostly true – unfortunately!  However, we have not given up on the dream of a gorgeous, perfect lawn.  We still plan on trying something to do with our veritable carpet of weeds.  A dandelion farm, perhaps.  Of those, we definitely have enough. . .