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Here’s your smile for the day – the week – the month – hey! the whole year!  AND – I should add that it came to me via the “infamous Linda” who was the one I publicly chastised for sending me the “Chocolate Math” post. . . So, Linda!  All is forgiven.

I had intended on writing an entirely different post for today – one in a more humorous vein than yesterday’s!  But it will have to wait until next time.  After watching this video, you won’t miss anything I would have had to say!  Enjoy!

Andy Mackie is The Harmonica Man. Andy has survived 10 heart surgeries and numerous heart attacks but his love of music and teaching kids music keeps him going. Andy Mackie is sharing a remarkable gift and I’m sure will be missed by many when his heart finally quits.

via The Harmonica Man.

It seems he cannot give enough. . .