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That spot down there on the left is where I kept hitting the wall. . .

Some time ago, I/eye promised my blogging friend, Nancy Hatch, (find her most excellent blog at:   http://nrhatch.wordpress.com/) an “Ode to Homonyms” or perhaps it was “Owed Two Homonyms.”  Whatever.  I/eye kept hitting snag after snag.  Each time I/eye got started, after first coming up with a list of my favorite words in/inn the homonym category, I/eye hit a rather unwieldy brick wall.  I/eye wanted to/too/two put all/awl the/thee homonyms into one cohesive, unified ode/owed.  I/eye kept straying away from any sort of theme, and so/sow/sew far I/eye have been unable to/too/two accomplish my goal.  I’m not/knot giving up, but I/eye am asking for H – E – L – P!!! I’ve started several couplets and triplets, most having nothing to/too/two do with the/thee next or the/thee previous.  If any of you/ewe can come up with a cohesive ode/owed that includes these bits and pieces, you/ewe are more than welcome to/too/two try.  Or you/ewe can make up your own – anyone who is up to/too/two the/thee challenge is welcome to/too/two pitch in/inn!  I’ve started it for you/ewe in/inn a fairly acceptable fashion, but that can also be/bee changed to/too/two suit.  Also, below I/eye have included a few of my couplets and triplets, plus a list of homonyms that can be/bee used for/four/fore others.

Come on – give it a try!  It can be fun – except when you/ewe run into that brick wall. . .ouch!

Here goes:

The subject of this Ode is English Homonyms, a problem for many I’ve found –
Two words or more that are not synonyms, but identical in sound.
With different meanings and differently spelled, they often cause confusion
And one’s ear is frequently compelled to make the wrong conclusion!
It happened when writing the “Code to Common Hymns,” a work I’ve yet to finish,
That I got an idea for an “Ode to Homonyms” that nothing could diminish.

to, too, two
I know not where this this ode will lead to
Will it fit on one page, or will it need two?
And can it be written at top speed, too?

serial, cereal
Perhaps it should be written as a serial,
To be read while eating your breakfast cereal.

know, no
I’m in a quandary, does anyone know
Should I  attempt it – yes or no?

ode, owed
The one who gives the best answer is owed
All my thanks, or the blame, for help with this ode.

the, thee
To start, let’s consider one small word, “the,”
Preceding a vowel, it sounds like “thee.”

site, cite, sight
Strangers to English don’t know this on sight
But can learn on the internet, here –  I’ll cite
this: (http://www.internetpolyglot.com/) as a possible site

so, sew, sow
to find, before consonants, “the” sounds like “thuh”, so
for knowledge to sprout from the lessons I sow
consider designing a sampler to sew.

for, fore, four
Then you’ll have something lasting to show for
what you learned aft, and perhaps didn’t know fore:
Homonyms for fore number three and not four!

choose, chews
There are many more homonyms from which to choose –
on decisions like this, a true artist chews.

crews, cruise
Her mind sets sail – (an imaginary cruise)
selecting colors to match her crew’s

whole, hole
deck-wear, which was blue, on the whole
and matched the  ocean view from the port hole.

sealing, ceiling

real, reel

scene, seen

tail, tale

cell, sell. cellar, seller

all, awl

I’ll, aisle, isle

So there you/ewe have it, so/sow/sew far.  It’s awful, but fun, and I/eye hope some of you/ewe will take up the mantle/mantel (!) and finish the dang thing so/sow/sew I/eye can rest easy!  BTW, Part 4/for/fore of “Here’s the/thee thing. . .” is coming later tomorrow.

For/fore/four right/rite now, considering all/awl these homonyms, I’ve had enough. . .