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Leave me alone. . .I wanna sleep!

I know I promised to follow through on Sidey’s week-end challenge, and I started it – I really did!  However, what I was going to include in the post, about “Innocence,” has temporarily flown from my addled brain.  But rest assured, it was good! I’ll be sure to put it up when it comes back.  You’ll see!  My other excuse for not getting it written today is that we had surprise overnight guests on Saturday night.  We hadn’t seen them in close to 30 years.  It was nice visiting, but Hubs and I both swear that we spiffed up the house faster than we ever had!  We had 5 minutes notice! Whew!  It was a nice visit, but kind of exhausting.  To give them credit, they had told us last week that they were coming this way and asked if they could stop by (this was by e-mail).  Ashley said yes, and asked them to let us know when they would arrive.  Apparently, with our temporarily botched up phone system, the phone message that they left to tell us when they were coming never got to us!  So. . .when they called us from town asking directions, well – we got into high gear!

So today, instead of writing my forgotten terrific post, I decided to finally put up my two new pages!  Check them out!  I now have a “Photos” page and a “Keep in Touch” page.  They are self-explanatory – just click on the buttons at the top of the page, and peruse.  Also, I have changed the format of this blog – let me know what you think, please!  Just put a “Yay” or “Nay” comment with this post.  I may go back to the original, or try another.

Also, you will notice at the bottom right of my pages is a photo, which will change periodically, and is from my photos page.  And, I have added a favorite quotations widget as well.  Hope you like the changes.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!  Until then, keep up an attitude of gratitude for all you have, for having enough. . .