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Yes, believe it or not –  and I’m not sure I do :  For those of you who have stuck with me since my blog-beginning, (exactly ten months ago), you have managed with this post to have slogged through 100 reflections from my very cloudy and sometimes “fun house” mirror.  Thanks to all who have weighed in over the months, encouraged, debated, and generally added to my own enjoyment of this writing experiment!  Thanks as well to my more recent visitors!  I treasure each and every comment and I always look forward to your own reflections.  And, you need never be shy about disagreeing with me!  Makes for more dialogue!

If any of you ever wondered why I would do such as thing as write this eclectic assortment of “stuff,” I direct you to my “Why?” page.  To that I will add that regardless of the reasons for starting this venture, it has paid me back, richly, in ways I never dreamed.  It has also taken much more time than I imagined it would, but then again, I have always underestimated my own verbosity!  I spend a lot of time just thinking, and you, my Gentle Readers, have been my listening ears, or reading eyes for the flotsam and jetsam my mind has churned up and spit out!  You have also offered to me your shoulders on which to lean, and knowing they are there is a source of comfort for me – especially when I can’t get my phone or internet to work, or my recipes fail or I just generally screw things up.  The unfortunate part about that is when my internet doesn’t work, then neither do you (figuratively speaking, of course!).  But at least I know that you are out there – somewhere!

And now I offer you a thank-you gift.  Something which I know you will enjoy.  This is the end of the post – my shortest yet, I believe, so for you all, I know it is enough. . .