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A quick post (Yeah, I know! Two days in a row! Whoopee!) before I head off to the hospital for another hand surgery.  This morning at 10 a.m. (or so the schedule says – who knows when?  Last one was earlier than scheduled!) I get wheeled into the theater – my favorite place to perform, except when I’m the star in an operating theater – and have surgery number 5 or 6 on my right hand.  I’ve lost track of the numbers, and don’t care really to go through the list in my head right now and enumerate them!  Anyway, below you will see a photo of my pre-surgical hand, taken moment ago by yours truly!

As straight as my thumb gets - for now, anyway!

After the stitches come out in about 10 days, I will have a cast put on my arm that also encases my thumb and index finger.  Typing will really be interesting now! 😀   This particular surgery will be to fuse my thumb at the middle joint.  You will notice in the photo how my thumb is bent back.  It has become more and more deformed over the years as my tendons have basically just “given up the ghost” in my right hand (I have extremely flexible joints everywhere, which create problems for me anyway), and it has become almost impossible to control.  The main problem is that when I go to press a button or even grip something, the joint bends back completely to touch my hand.  I’m not showing you a photo of that1  It’s disgusting!

To get that out of your mind, I show you a photo of our Zoë, taken yesterday – I got to babysit!  She spent the afternoon either grinning or sleeping!  Perfect baby!  And gorgeous, no?  (A couple more photos are available for viewing on the “Zoë Land” page.)

"Granny! You are too funny!"

BTW – This surgery is outpatient, and I’m taking my computer with me. . .I also should be home by mid afternoon today, so for me that’s a plus!  Take care everyone – now that you’ve had the “before” I’ll post an “after.”

Quite frankly, with this surgery, I feel my hand has had enough. . .