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Many if not most of you, my Gentle Readers, if you have/had a cat must have had at least one experience with your current kitty d’amour that is comprised of your adorable cat trying to get the mouse s/he has finally, and often unwittingly, killed to “play” with him/her again.  Said cat walks up to you with mouse carcass in his/her jaws, drops carcass at your feet, and then very plaintively meows, “Fix it! It stopped playing!  Change the batteries, please!”  Cat in photo above (not one of my photos or cats) is apparently looking for such similar help.

So, today is the tomorrow I anticipated yesterday.  Below see the current “after” photo of my lovely hand; then I will tell you the meaning of this post and title.

So, all’s well, that seems well so far!  How’s that for an updated axiom?  The title of the post is “Fix it!”   When my surgeon walked into pre-op yesterday morning, just before the procedure, I told him the story of our cat, pointing out the problem with his “toy,”  and pleading with us to fix the problem.  The most excellent Dr. Paul Cutting (Great name for a surgeon, no?) thereupon told me, with a smile, that he would do his best to fix my “dead mouse” of a hand!  It was explained to me again that some of the “fixing” I wanted done was most likely not doable – at least to the desired degree.  Hope springs eternal, however!  Maybe this time. . .

After the stitches come out, in about ten days, a cast will be put on fr a few weeks.  My cast last August was pink.  I leave this one’s color choice up to you my Gentle Readers!  There is basically an infinite range of colors available. . . Tell me your choice in the comments below, and the most chosen color will be my cast-color!  You have until November 22 to make your choice known.

Here’s a photo of my pastel pink cast from August/September”

My dirty, pink cast

Keep in mind, when making your choice, that casts can get pretty dirty looking and “funky” smelling by the end of the ordeal.  Also , remember the season!  I pledge to abide by your wishes – as long as I’m not in complete disagreement! 😀

Until next time – enough. . .