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Not enought paperbacks, and too neat to be my bookshelf!

Reading both Nancy’s recent blog-post, and Jodi’s of this morning, I decided to quickly “speak in” a brief post before doing one of my reprises. Both of these bloggers put up a list of 100 favorite novels compiled by the BBC.  W have been asked to go over the list and count how many we have read in their entirety – and, as Nancy says – seeing a movie version doesn’t count, and reading the Cliff Notes doesn’t count either, I might add. 😀

I’m not going to post the list – read it on either or both of their blogs – they deserve your readership, and even larger audiences.

I have read 68 of the books on the list in their entirety.  Here is my challenge to you: which books do you think I have not read, and and tell me why you think I have not read them.  I also would be interested in knowing why you think I read the books that I did read, i. e., did I have to read them for school, or did I read them for pleasure?  You might also want to comment on which books you think I might have read only partially.  I will tell you in advance that there are on the list some partial reads, some compulsory complete reads,  and some total non-reads in addition to the 68 I have completed.  Of all the books I have not read – the list will be revealed at a later date – which ones should I read first?

My having read 68 books on this list is certainly no big deal.  Having spent so much of the last many years in very poor health, and spending so much of them in bed, what else do you think I would do with my time?  Although many of the books on this list I read long before my illness, the others I have read, or reread, more recently.  I have also read many, many other books not on this list.  Reading has always been a favorite hobby of mine.  Just ask my children and my husband!  They will tell you that if you want to find me, just follow the breadcrumb trail of books and you will find me at the end, reading.

Once again I ask all my readers to consider doing an original guest blog.  But I would even enjoy doing a point/counterpoint type of posting.  If you have a topic that interests you, that you would like to write on and then read my own response, here is a possible venue for that sort of interaction.  Think about it, and let me know.

Later today the promised repost will be done.  Until then, consider my challenge and request as, for now, enough. . .