Sonya and I have a love/hate relationship

Learning and working with my new “speech recognition program” has been very interesting.  In a recent communication with Nancy (of Spirit Lights the Way), I briefly referred to some of the interesting things that Sonya  types out, supposedly because that is what she “thinks” I have said.  I have found that proofreading my dictations is an absolute MUST.  Mainly because she never misspells anything – so there are never any red squiggly lines under misspelled words to help you find your typos.  She always types in proper English words that sound to her like what I said, and they are often completely unrelated to what I said except for being a slight sound-alike.

Yesterday, while composing a document, things started to get really funny!  It was so very funny that I copied what she had typed to save it and use it here, but unfortunately, I accidentally erased it!  Rats!  Anyway, it happened that while dictating the document, my phone rang.  Instead of pausing Sonya’s listening – I say, “Stop listening,” and she goes into sleep mode until I wake her up with “Start listening” – I failed to do so, and answered the phone.  When the phone rang, Sonya flashed on the screen, “What was that?” which is how she responds when she does not understand what I have said, or what she “hears.”  Instead of putting her to sleep, I just said, “It’s the phone, stupid!”  She then started transcribing my telephone conversation.  Since my speaking was not directed toward her microphone, but at the telephone, she started typing what she thought she “heard.”  What a riot!  What really got me was that during no time did she flash the message “What was that?” but just kept going with what is probably one of the most bizarre one-sided telephone conversations in history!

Adding to her confusion, my TV was also on  She generally does not get confused by the speaking on TV, because it is far enough away from the mike, but during the pauses in my speaking, while I was listening to what my caller was saying, she started typing in random words from the TV.  I had to apologize to my caller because every once in a while I would burst out laughing as I quickly read what Sonya was typing.  Wish I had the transcript, but I guarantee you that the next such incident will definitely be saved. And I promise to post it!

I’ll close this brief post with two of my favorite “hearing aid” jokes:

Joke #1:

Q:  “Did you hear about the 90-year-old woman with AIDS?”

A:  “No!  How sad!”

Q:  “Yes.  One in each ear.”

Joke #2:

When a gentleman was told by his audiologist that he definitely would need to purchase a hearing aid, he answered, “I’ve already got one.  I married her.”


I believe that’s enough!