I"I must go down to the sea again. . ."

"Lemon tree, very pretty. . ."

Nancy Hatch laid down the gauntlet this morning with the following:

Challenge: Write a Love Note (max 200 words) in any format, using at least five of the following nouns: Seven-11, scurvy, turnpike, flannel, Kilimanjaro, blizzard, applesauce, Tang, water buffalo, and hand-sanitizer.

Read Nancy’s effort here, then read mine:

My darling,

As I pen this note to you my love, I want you to know I love you still, and pray you are alive somewhere – Barcelona or Mt. Kilimanjaro – wherever you are, and I await your return. I remember the night you left. Delirious with vitamin-deficiency, you begged me to help, so, still in my flannel nightgown, I ran down the turnpike, trying to get to the “7-11″ before it closed for the evening. Desperate to purchase anything that might help relieve your suffering, I arrived just in time, only to discover the store was out of orange juice, and almost every other necessity known to man, from hand-sanitizer to Tang, due to an approaching blizzard. The only helpful vitamin-rich comestible I could find was a jar of applesauce. I quickly purchased it, and ran home, praying you were alright. Alas, you were gone. I wept while reading your parting note, explaining that you were leaving with our pet water buffalo, and heading for the nearest port to volunteer as a seaman. Feverishly, you’d decided to board ship and suffer in companionship with other scurvy-ridden sailors. I hope you made it. I miss your bleeding gums.

Love forever,

Now, I’m done for today.  Sonya’s tired, and I’m exhausted.  Enough, already!