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Hmmmm. . .

OK here goes.  I’m going to give you the unexpurgated unedited version of a typical dictation to Sonya.  Should be interesting.  As you can see, I’ve already started.  (See, I just checked are in wooden you know she’d make a single mistake.) But she missed a deadline!

Interesting series of events this morning.  For one thing, Ashley came into the bedroom to report that there was no hot water in the kitchen.  We seem to have it elsewhere that on the kitchen so I guess that’s OK.  However we kept the heater running on the pipes all day and we still have hot water in the kitchen.  I’m all well.  Considering we had subzero temperatures this morning we really weren’t surprised especially sense we realized after several subzero days last winter that we needed to wrap the outside pipes that fail to do so just desserts I guess.

I had a meeting with my urologist yesterday and he informed me that the damage to the nerve in my leg that has affected the use of my left foot he might not improve significantly, but then again it might!  There’s always hope and as I have had two or three days over the last couple of months when there’s been some movement in my big toe I’m definitely optimistic.  However, yesterday I notice my right hand swelling significantly so I’ve in monitoring it to make sure that the circulation is not cut off by the cast.  So far everything appears to be OK but I’ve been told to be of art.  One of the ways to help it is to hold above my head by our money.  Consequently, I spent a good portion of the day in a semipro position on my bed with my arm in the air as the dictate to Sonya.

OK by phone is ringing are not until Sunday at stock so maybe you can get the idea of what she does want talk on the phone: it’s the phone Sonya.  I’ll orange to hear from yeah, I’m a hassle than doing seen joy school and investment-up well how was holding on in England you get out of school me when a sea of butter the kitchen start all OK William of the two men were dispelled an injured until all the second or 3rd of January and get some help in idea of us know there will eat at some here they have quite a bit national little weather yesterday there was out olano I think that doesn’t like 5 inches wheel and avian interest so that of the brink of a little pocket that the air, circulated around this kind of kid east of the switches, and usually usually dumped on us and leave them alone so biggest hurdles for fair play after last year when we get a lot more than they did so young yeah I’m.

So now you have some idea of what I have to correct was speaking to Sonya.  Actually assigned as hard as it sounds or looks because generally on watching the screen as I speak and I correct or delete as I go.  We’re still getting to know one another and I expect some of these things to be ironed out eventually.  So for now I hope I’ve given you a little entertainment at Sony is expense.

I’m really tried to be her friend.  I hope I’m doing enough…