Adoration of the Shepherds, 1622 - Gerard (Gerrit) van Honthorst 1590 – 1656

It was the week before Christmas, and throughout our house, we both in our own way had started to grouse.
We had little time to spend in our beds, for lists of things-to-do danced in our heads.
So Ashley in a business suit, and my arm in a cast, all frazzled, we hoped that our strength would last
We secretly wished that the season was done, so we could slow down to a walk from a run.
But in shopping and baking and trimming the tree, we’d lost sight of what Christmas was meant to be.
A time to give thanks for the Babe and the Star, and remember our blessings and who we are:
A people of hope with glad tidings to shout. God’s gift of Love is what it’s about!
Recalling that news so brightened each day, that all of our grouchiness vanished away!
And each night before our eyes closed in sleep, we remembered the shepherds, who, tending their sheep
Were the first to hear the angelic throng sing out God’s glorious good news in song.
And if we will listen, still we can hear the message they brought on that midnight clear.
The  gifts we share on each Christmas morn, we give out of love for the child who was born
In Bethlehem’s lowly manger stall, and in thanks for God’s greatest gift of all.

Gentle Readers, in this  Christmas season, may you experience  God’s gifts of  Love, Hope, and Peace, and carry them within your heart all year long.

For all people everywhere, the gifts of God are enough. . .