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I started this last February, and recently completed it.  It’s a description of a snowy morning walk with our dog, Princess.

Slight, upon the glistening snow,
I saw the band of bunnies go,
barely breaking surface ice.
I watched them stopping once or twice
to forage in the barer places.
Then off they ran for safer places
from Princess, who with nose in air,
sensed the bunnies everywhere!
Her ears cocked forward, and one paw lifted
Excitedly, she thought I’d gifted
And upon this morning treated
Her so well, but I retreated.
And even firmly held in check
She pulled against her collared neck.
But sensing  my stern disapproval
She yielded to her forced removal.
Reluctantly she turned away
With hopes to hunt another day
When once again upon the snow
She’ll track to places bunnies go.
And, each night since, I’ve watched her dream
Her subtle movements make it seem
With rapid movement of her eyes
That she at last has won her prize.
She wakes with bunnies on her mind
Feverishly, she seeks to find
the bunny captured, while she slept, it
felt so real, she’s sure she kept it.
The dream has faded,  with the scent
But still she wonders where it went
And quickly she runs to the door
Barks to go out and search some more.
But that dreamed prey cannot be found
Even by this dogged hound.
And yet, upon the winter snow
She seeks to find where bunnies go
And when she sleeps, she dreams on, still,
Of tracking bunnies o’er the hill.

Of course, I always think she’s had enough. . .