Unbidden, unwelcome
It has barged into my home
Taking what it calls its rightful place.

Whatever plans I had
Of keeping to my own, have
Been dashed in the wake of its coming.

How do I fight this war?
When battle-plans, untested
Must be pushed to the front of the fray?

A formidable foe,
I must draw a battle line
Upon a field not of my choosing.

The visitor has come
It seems that it will enter,
Whether I invited it or not.

Perhaps I’ll seek a truce –
Needing some brief rest, some peace,
So that I might think, and watch, and plan

And draw a clearer line
That makes for a fairer fight
And creates a level playing field.

This is what I have learned:
I am not without defense,
My weapons are within, unbroken.

I did not choose this fight.
But I will choose the victor.
I know the odds are in my favor.


Good odds. . .enough. . .