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Cast came off yesterday morning.  Hubs and I had to shovel our car out of the driveway after a foot of snow fell over the weekend.  I could not stand to put off the removal another day, so I quite selfishly insisted we make the appointment.  He said someday he would forgive me.  The fusions of both my wrist and my thumb are doing as expected.  The rest of my hand appears to be going to hell in a handbasket.  I was fitted with a removable splint/brace so I can start moving my thumb around with its one remaining joint.  The DRUJ (distal radial-ulna joint) is not progressing at all except downwardly.  More surgery.  Two options right now: wrist arthroplasty (a wrist replacement – Dr. does not recommend highly – it’s still sort of experimental), and a Sauve-Kapanji procedure, which he reluctantly recommends as the best option.  You don’t want to know what’s involved.  In any event I have to wait another month before we decide, during which I will complain, whine, grouch and kvetch:  I am in considerable pain.  A lot.  More than I care to deal with. Did I say my f***in’ wrist HURTS?

On the bright side, I lost a couple of pounds when the cast came off, and that doesn’t include the pound of dead flesh that is sloughing off my hand and arm.  Yuck!  And, did I tell you that I glitter-glued my cast with silver glitter?  It looked nice and sparkled beautifully during the two concerts in which I sang.  I hope this week to post at least the audio of a portion of the Christmas Eve service.  Our sons Josh and Matt sang with us on a couple of songs, (The Calhoun Family Quartet :-D), and also together sang Dave Matthews’  “The Christmas Song.”  They were fantastic!  Very moving.

Did this post without Sonya.  I’ll try for a more “literary”  – 😀 –  post later this week, but for now, I’m taking a short break. I’m exhausted. I hurt.  I’ve had enough. . .