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Our Christmas Table 2010 - Snow got in the way of all of us sharing it.

From this past Christmas Eve, this is a video of our sons, Josh (guitar), and Matt (vocal) singing “The Christmas Song” by Dave Matthews.  The recording equipment is not top notch, but our sons are! You’ll notice, for the first line, “She was his girl,” Matt’s microphone had not been turned on.  Other than that, I really love this snippet that shares just a small portion of the huge talent in our sons.

It is so hard for me NOT to apologize for my singing.  I won’t point out the many egregious flaws on my part, but suffice it to say, my husband and sons were quite good, and covered for me as best they could.  I’m letting you all see this because I love the music, “Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day.”  Again, the equipment didn’t help, and we had no time beforehand to equalize the mikes. However, such as it is, I present you a wonderful piece of music.

Have the very best New Year possible.  You’ll have to admit that the best would be awesome, and would certainly be enough. . .