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Keep them coming!  There will be an extra prize hanging around if you don’t!  To know what this post is about, please point your cursor at this, and do a click of the mouse, or a tap of the sensor pad, or whatever, and you will be transported to the magical land of “Earlier Blog Entry.”

First entry is from Nancy Hatch, of “Spirit Lights the Way:”

The magic
Of this vast Universe
My imagination

The mystery
Of its ancient stars
Holds hostage
My attention and wonder

Until dark clouds
Pressed down
At the horizon
Roll in
Obscuring my view

From Cindy Taylor of  “The Only Cin :”

Photo by Cindy Taylor

Handstands, cartwheels; upside down view of the sky.
Lying on my back
greensmell grass prickles, there’ll be a rash at bathtime!
making stories out of clouds:
look, there; a camel or a monkey with a big cigar!

Respectable now, older;
feet on the ground, sensible shoes.
Only look upward once in a while;
do I need an umbrella?


Now it’s time for the rest of you to do some cloud-watching!  Take a brief walk outside (rain, snow, or shine), and then walk back inside and write about what you saw (or didn’t see), and send it to me:  paulatc@hotmail.com  

Wonderful entries so far – I’m looking forward to a skyful of clouds from all of you!  Remember who you are, and I wish you enough. . .