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Soaking up the inspiration of a new day

My morning has been blessed by blogs!  All of my subscriptions were incredibly inspiring, and somehow they were all interconnected in a wonderful web as though by design!  Tell me, did you all get together and decide what to blog about this morning?  (But you didn’t need to get together because you are all one, anyway according to the “Hologram Paradigm!)  I know you didn’t all use the prompt, so what gives?  And hey!  How come I wasn’t invited to the party? (But, again, according to that paradigm, I was!) 😀

All that food for thought that I was given will be parceled out over the coming days.  I’ll start with Jodi’s at “My Literary Quest.”  How “well”-read are you?  According to Time Magazine, I am well under the level, and not even in sight of “medium.”  I am downright “rare” – practically “raw!”  So, I find myself in need of a little cooking, and have decided to challenge myself to read, in alphabetical order, as many of the listed books as I can within a year.  Any of you up to the challenge as well?  Let me know!  I will keep you all up to date on my progress in my new feature – “What I am reading now.” 

I will read the books in alphabetical order, and re-read those that I have read (there are a few), so that is also part of the challenge – unless you have read any of them within the last six months.  It will not be necessary to re-read those for this challenge unless you want to.

It is an interesting list because it only includes those books originally written in English, and those published since 1923 (when Time was first published).  I believe that there are a number of books that were left out of this “Best List,” that I would have included, and it has many books in common with the BBC’s list, which Jodi also blogged about a few weeks ago.  The BBC list is not restricted to the 20th century, and I was able to find far more that I have read.  I probably reached the level of “medium-well” done on that list.  Go to the first link to Jodi’s blog above to read the list.  I won’t take up the space here.

Get cracking, folks – start reading.  Spirit Lights the Way suggests that you “Just write!”  Add to that “. . .and Read!”

I wish you all, dear Gentle Readers, a life filled with enough. . .


I finished up “The Hunger Games” last night, and just in time!  My new “cheap” (when will I ever learn?) e-reader stopped working and froze up.   (A “Pandigital Novel” – be  forewarned!  I do NOT recommend it!  Back to Best Buy I go – this time to exchange it for a totally different brand.  I’ll be spending more money on it, but I probably won’t be near as disappointed in it!)

“The Hunger Games” is excellent, and unlike that blankety-blank machine, I highly recommend it.  I am moving on immediately to “Catching Fire,” the next book in the trilogy.  So it looks like I’ll be adding even more reading time to my year.  No problem for me – I spend enough time at it to be a professional already (and what a great job that would be – as long as I get to do the choosing!).  I’m happy!