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     "Could I have made an egregious  error?
     Where did I go wrong?"

I'll never know; I face it with terror
Could this have been a song?
Those two lines at the top I wrote
Many weeks ago.
It sat as a draft, a random note
Untitled, perhaps I'll never know!
What was I thinking?  Am I going crazy?
I shudder to think my once-quick mind
Has become so old and so lazy.
Memories once so easy to find
Have abandoned me in my need.
What is a poet to do when rhyme
Is lost or has gone to seed?
All I can think of at this time
Is, what mistake could I have made?
Is someone due an apology?
Perhaps some friend on whom I've preyed
Or accused of abnormal psychology?
Therefore, if someone I've insulted,
Feels wronged, or slighted, or pained;
If what I said or wrote resulted,
In a friendship forever strained,
Please forgive me, whoever you are
For whatever I've said or done!
I most likely didn't mean to scar!
     But since I forgot
     It's more likely than not
To appear once again as a rerun.

(Is that enough?)
Today I begin with the first book on Time Magazine's
alphabetically listed "Top 100 English language books written
since 1923," the year of Time's first publication.The book was
written by Saul Bellow in 1953, and is called "The Adventures
of Augie March." I have read some Saul Bellow, but I have not
read this one. Looking forward to it. I'll let you know how
it goes!