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"Crescent Moon Rise" ©2010 Paula Tohline Calhoun


Hurrah!  I received another entry for my Blogoversary contest.  This one an essay by “Sidey” of “View From the Side.”  Even more variety has been added.  I’m thinking I’ll put together a short book that compiles all the photos, poems, stories, and essays!  Everyone who enters would get a copy – the rest of you can buy a copy! 😀 Now if that’s not an incentive to enter, I don’t know what is!  Press here to read the essay called “Clouds.”


I just might get another post up today, but don’t hold your breath! (I certainly won’t be holding mine!) I am endeavoring to write an “epic” poem in response to Emlyn Chand’s weekly challenge – this one’s subject is  “Rip van Video-Gamer.”  (Click on the link and consider trying this one out.)  Sounded fun to me, but it is becoming more and more of a challenge as I go along.  Hmmmm. . .I wonder if I’ll finish it in time.  In any event, it will be saved in my drafts, and have a title!  At least then if I ever decide to come back to it, I’ll know what it was about – unless, that is, I forget what a draft is, or how to read. . .

I will bring you all up to date on the soap opera that is my life.  As of last week, several networks have been competing for the rights to air my melodrama, “Reflections From a Cloudy X-Ray.”  Cue organ music. (Coming soon to a surgical suite near you.)  I saw my hand surgeon – the aptly named Dr. Cutting – and we decided there really is no choice but to go ahead with the next surgery and hope for the best.  We hope that at the very least my wrist will be stabilized, and at the best that there will be a dramatic decrease in pain.  He is shying away from being enthusiastic about this, but he also feels I’m quite justified in wanting to “throw the dice” and give this procedure a try. The surgery is known as the “Sauve-Kapandji” procedure. You can click on the link if you want to read a simplified explanation of what will be done.)

Surgery is scheduled for February 11 – unless there is a cancellation in the Dr.’s schedule on a earlier date.  I hope so – I want it over with!  Besides, 2/11 is when the Blogoversary contest ends, and the panel of judges begins judging!  Don’t want to delay that.  Rest assured, Sonya will be accompanying me to the hospital.  The surgery is supposed to be out-patient, so most likely I won’t have to spend the night – thank God!

In the meantime, I’m resting up, exercising my legs – oh yeah!  I forgot to mention that my left knee is going to have to be re-replaced a.s.a.p.. . .one more episode in the continuing saga of “Reflections From a Cloudy X-Ray.”  Cue organ music.

Hey – I’m having tons of fun!  Could never get enough. . .