Written for Jingle Poetry site’s Monday Potluck – The theme this week is “Aims, Goals, Ambitions”

Future Quest
© 2011 Paula Tohline Calhoun

What will I be when I grow up?
Who will fill my loving cup?
Will I know where I am when I arrive?
Will there be sweet honey in my hive?
Will I waste my precious youth?
Will I hold on tightly to the truth,
My integrity beyond reproach,
Ever sure in my approach,
Always taking confident swings
At all the challenges living brings?
What’s behind Curtain number three?
If I choose it, will it prosper me?
Will I regret all of my choices,
Failing to listen to wiser voices,
Which offer me the sound advice
That would steer me from a life of vice?
Will I be loved, will I have friends?
Will all my means bring noble ends?
Who will miss me when I’m gone?
Or will I end up all alone
A withered, solitary soul,
No longer needed, no longer whole?
Does anyone have a crystal ball
Or a coin to toss that I can call
Will my life be heads or tails?
Joy and laughter or tears and wails?
Please get out the tarot deck
Read the cards, I want to check
If all my dreams will be fulfilled
Or will my hopes, forever stilled
Sink beneath an angry wave
No cherished promise left to save?
Is there anyone around who will tell me
Will my life a living hell be?
Or perchance will I elect
To live life worthy of respect?
Will it be romantic comedy or suspense
Musical, drama, sit-com nonsense?
Please don’t leave me in the dark!
Can’t I have one tiny spark
To light my way, or must I go
Without a pair of dice to throw?
Tell me, what exactly are the odds?
Will I live life by my rules or God’s?


A brief note of good news to share!  After a consult with my orthopedist yesterday, we together determined that I can safely put off re-replacing my knee for a while!  Yay!  I am SOOOO happy about that!  We’ll monitor it, have it x-rayed in about 6 months to keep track of the ongoing condition.  So, once again, I have been blessed!  Thanks for all the care, prayers and love!.  Remember me this Friday, when I am having another wrist surgery.  I’ll be spending the recovery time preparing all the contest entries for the panel of judges, so once again, Sonya goes with me to the hospital!  I’ve got to have something to do while I’m waiting around!  With the larger-than-expected number of entries I’ve received, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to do!  Or at least, enough. . .