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I’m home!  The “End”(Ω-Omega) of Arm/wrist surgery #8, and the “Beginning” (Α-Alpha) of the recovery phase.  The surgery, which Dr. Cutting estimated would take about an hour, ended up being closer to two hours.  This was because he had to spend a lot of time digging around and removing an inordinate amount of scar tissue.  Although he wasn’t completely surprised, he was dismayed that I had no cartilage left in my wrist, which goes a long way in helping to understand why the wrist was so painful.  No longer having any cushioning material means that any movement in my wrist was “bone to bone,” and accounts in a significant way for the pain that has been going on.  So that means I am hopefully on the way toward a lot more comfortable living!  Most likely, the final outcome won’t be known for a few months.   Onward and upward. . .I am optimistic – very!

However, I didn’t get home until about 6 p.m. and consequently didn’t have time to fill this page with  a “gen-yew-wine” post.  Instead, I am showing y’all some photos received from a friend a few weeks ago.  I saved posting them for a time I might need them – for such a time as this.  These are definitely your “Awwwww” moment for the week.  Let’s hear it for the kitties (and one dog!)!

I received two more entries today.  I will get them posted this weekend.  I had a lot of fun with this, my “First Annual Blogoversary Contest.”  I hope you all did too.  But the month of Clouds has come to an end.  Here comes the sun!  I pray for you all, in thanksgiving for your prayers, concern, and love, and I wish you, my dear Gentle Readers, enough. . .