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On Friday I received two final entries for my Blogoversary contest.  Surgery has held me up in getting the results back to you as soon as I would have liked.  I expect them to be up on Wednesday at the earliest.  Until then I wanted you all to see these last entries:

From wherearetheheros.wordpress.com, this poem and photo:

Paler with the moon

If you find her
Burning off the mist of morning
Turning paler with the moon
Clinging to the mountain’s shadow
Sparkling like the dew

If you find her
Keep your silence
Stop your breath from clouding
Smile as if you never tried
Release the darkness as you find it
Lock her light inside


From Mands Swinburne of Woman of Worth, a poem with photos:

Cloud Magic!

I stood on the side of a mountain,
And watched as the clouds gathered before me.
I played a little waving my fingers,
Twirling patterns in the swirling mists.

It was fun to imagine,
Being an artist in Nature’s design…
Especially since I had never seen
The clouds make such interesting patterns.

I struggled to get just the right angle,
To take these photographs
Of what I saw as a spectacular visual experience
and I know for some they may just look like
Blurry grey and white…

For me, they are framed moments,
Of a wonderful memory!

Enjoy, if you will,
I do!


I’ve said it before, and I say it again:  All the entries in this my First Annual Blogoversary Contest have been extraordinary! Thank you all for your interest and your entries!  You’ve made my first blogging year a year of joy!

I wish you all enough. . .