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I am positive and almost sure (Thank you, Dizzy Dean!)*  that I will be posting, later today, the letter from younger me to elderly me as promised yesterday.  While you all await that  creative and imaginative effort, I will placate you with some vital info, and an amusing photo you might have missed here on my crowded home page. Also, we are still compiling the results for the contest.  Looks like the announcement will be Friday.

First the photo:  Even if it is the result of photo manipulation, it’s one of the greatest photos of recent years!  I’m still laughing, and imagining, if it really happened, the reaction of the owner. . .

"I found your cat. He says his name is Seymour."


Those of you who are uncertain as to the exact date and time for the end of the world – you need wonder no more.  February 17 (or 16 or 18), at precisely 3:27 a.m., or 12:06 a.m., or 4:15 p.m., or. . .  Read the link below for more info.  BTW, the precise (!) date and time is provided in several of the article’s comments, but they fail to mention the time zone.  If it’s GMT, then those of us living in ET, CT, MT, or PT have a few more hours afforded us. . .the only problem is that none of the commenters agree, so I guess it’s still an unknown.  So, if I were you, I’d stock up on the essentials, be prepared to live without electronics, and pray.  Seeing as it’s coming as early as today, you might never read this, or if you do, it could be your last, so just in case:  Farewell!  Our time together has surely been enough. . .



* Years ago, the great Dizzy Dean – known for his imaginative, creative, and innovative use of the English language announced via radio during his play-by-play broadcast that, following an on field-altercation:  “I’m positive and almost sure that Willie McCovey has been throwd out of the game.” That’s been a favorite quote in my family since we heard it on the radio 50 some-odd years ago.