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2011 Winner's Badge

The judges had an absolute nightmare trying to be objective about the entries to my “First Annual Blogoversary Contest.” We finally decided that art being what it is, there really is no way to be absolutely objective, so we went the only other route we could and decided to be subjective.  There are no professional writers among the judges, and they all express their thanks for the honor of reading the entries.  They also wanted me to tell you all that their selections are made not from any knowledge or expertise in writing or photography.  They decided on the entries that they liked the most, but reiterate that they liked them all!

All of the entries were extraordinary in their own way. They each had something unique to say – either through photo, poem, or story, of a combination of media. I cannot stress enough that YOU ARE ALL WINNERS in my estimation, and if i could afford it, I would have awarded you each a prize! Also, I will tell you that I absolutely could not narrow it down to three. Therefore, I have six winners. It was hard enough narrowing it down to those six!

The six winning entries, in no particular order, are:

Mark Myers of Where are the Heroes, for his poem and accompanying photo entitled “Paler with the moon.”

Emlyn Chand of The Ambitious Ambigue, for the excerpt from her novel “The Iron Pillar.”

Jess Swinburne of Heart 2 Heart, for her poem with two accompanying photos, entitled, “Clouds. . .”

Jeanne Peterson of FlyingGma.com for her photo of “The Oak Tree.”

Linda McCraven  of booksphotographsandartwork for her photograph entitled, “Lines.”

Eric Baker of The Anvil, for his story entitled, “Not very a-Muse-ing.”

If you take a walk through my archives, you can find each of these entries, along with all the others – I received sixteen entries in all!  That’s an impressive amount to yours truly, this humble blogger.  Part of what amazed me about all these entries is the wide variety of styles and forms. Thank you all so very much for honoring me with your interest and willingness to present your wonderful work in celebration of my first year of blogging.  I’ll say it again, “You are all winners!”

Each of you who sent in an entry, please e-mail me at:  paulatc@hotmail.com with your regular mailing address.  You will all receive as my thank-you gift a copy of the compilation, in booklet form, of all the entries.  If your entry included an introduction or explanation, please let me know if you want it included in the booklet.  If you want a different intro, or perhaps want to include a dedication or any other annotation, please let me know as soon as possible.  I hope to get these booklets printed up as soon as possible.  All of your work belongs to you and will be copyrighted as such. 

Those of you who did not enter but would like to have a copy of the booklet, I will charge you my cost plus postage.  You will need to e-mail me, at the address noted above, your street address.  All of these addresses will be kept confidential.

This project has not been an effort to make money, but it has been a wonderful way of getting to know you all a little better.  I look forward to a continuing relationship and shared blogging.  I do hope you enjoyed this contest as much as I did!

Thanks to you all for making my first year of blogging such a great adventure! You have all taught me, helped and mentored me, made me laugh, and even sometimes made me cry.  All of you have blessed me, over and over, with enough. . .