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"Do I HAVE to?"


I was given a topic by 68ghia via viewfromtheside’s weekend theme, which is to nominate another blogger to do a guest post for you on a theme you nominate for them.  For some odd reason, 68ghia has given me the topic, “Being Sensible.”  Good grief!  She must know me very well. . .  So here goes:

“Come on!  Be sensible!” I heard him say,
As I took off, without my crutches.
“I’ll surely be fine,” said I, “in as much as
 I’m steady and stable today!”
“But, Paula, you know, as headstrong as you are,
you make up your mind, never thinking
that I might wait here, heart sinking,
hoping and praying you’ll not go too far.
For what would I do, and how would I find you
If you were to fall,  not able to get up
Injured, and writhing in pain that won’t let up?
Must I follow around behind you?”
“And I am the one you say must be sensible?
Please, darling, give me a break! It
seems that by now you would know I can take it!
Your opinion of me is almost reprehensible!
And also, remember, I’ve got a Cell
and Princess with me as well, you
know she’d come home and like Lassie tell you
‘Paula-Mom fell down the well!'”
So off then I took, smugly laughing and limping
Yet keeping my balance in check
And then I decided to jog, what the heck?
Huffing and puffing, seriously gimping.
Princess was puzzled, “Do I walk, or trot?
Or sit down and get her to stop?”
She needn’t have worried, I soon had to drop
Before I’d gone two yards, my balance was shot.
It was then I knew I’d way overestimated,
How well I was feeling, how stable.
I ought to go home, but I was unable
To admit I’d become all calamistrated.
“Be sensible!” His words echoed on in my mind,
But that’s something too hard to do
And a trait I would never pursue.
I can’t stand being always confined!
And as I considered how I could save face,
And go home with head held high,
I heard a car stop nearby:
I knew it was him with his grave face.
I turned and saw he had something in hand.
Then he said with a smile
 “Have you finished your trial
By fire? Do you now understand?
Though ‘Be sensible!’ might be all you heard
I meant no offense!
But in your defense, 
I ought to have chosen a different word.
I should have told you to use your brain!
I wish you would think!”
He said with a wink
“You really must be insane!
If you really think our little dog Princess
would ever come to your aid
even if she was paid
with a treat, so please come to your senses!
Take a walk when you want to, just don’t go alone!
If you won’t take your crutches
take something else, such as
This!  You forgot your cell phone!”

The moral of this cautionary tale is, sadly, lost on me.
I still start tasks without a care,
Seeming blissfully unaware
That I can’t eat up everything I see.

I will always venture out, and sometimes go too far
I ask that all will bear with me
And point out dangers I can’t see
Then follow behind me with your car!


Thanks for the opportunity 68Ghia, and Sidey!  I hope that this quickly-penned entry successfully fulfills the request, because I underestimated what I could do again, and as far as today goes, I’ve done and had enough. . .