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I am in the middle of revamping my blog – new theme and hopefully a more easily navigable site!  Be sure and let me know your thoughts as you notice the changes.  Anyway, I realized that I frittered away most of my time recently by commenting on other people’s blogs.  So!  I decided, why write more when time is at a premium – especially if I want to keep up my Post-a-Day 2011 challenge?  Besides, it gives me a chance to plug some other blogs I’ve been visiting and leaving comments on lately.*  Some of these comments are more recent than others, but they are just a sampling of what comes out of my mind and through my fingertips to the keyboard and then to the screen.  Leave your own comments on my comments, and then request your readers do the same, (if you decide to re-post your own comments), and request that they leave their comments on your comments on my comments on someone else’s blog!  You realize this could go on forever. . .just like that old shampoo commercial, remember?

Comment # 1 was left on Cindy Taylor’s blog – The Only Cin – on February 19.  A very interesting and entertaining quote opened up her post that day.  This was my response, which includes, of course a story that I was reminded of. . .

What a fabulous quote! At one of the churches that Ashley served a few years back, I attended a “pot-luck dinner.” We had them there fairly frequently, but the particular one I’m thinking of right now preceded our annual church conference. I sat near the back of the sanctuary during the meeting, and my stomach started “wambling.” If there ever has been a more descriptive word for what I was experiencing, I’d like to know it!

My stomach started “wambling” so loudly that people were turning their heads to see where the racket was coming from. It got so bad, I finally had to get up and leave because it was interrupting the conference. To this day I don’t know what I ate at that dinner that did that to me, but it’s never again been that bad, thank God! One of my more embarrassing moments. . .

Next up came this morning, as I read another terrific post from “Sidey’s” View From the Side, post for today:

Great post. I have a suggestion for the coming weekend theme: Name the new car! Just post a couple of photos (int. and ext.), and let your readers have a go at “sexing” and naming it! You might want to give us some info about quirks you’ve noted so far, but whatever. . .the prize for winning would be that the car’s surname would be the winning blogger’s name. That way, for example, if I won, the car’s new “full” name might be “Chutzpah Paula” (or Calhoun, or Reflections, or RFACM – pronounced “er-FAKE-em”). I’m not yet making my entry, mind you, but “Chutzpah” makes sense for a C-class, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t need to use the surname on a regular basis – just when your car had to fill in credit applications, or employment forms, etc. So on any ordinary day, you’d hop in your car, and go driving off with Chutzpah! And in your case, since your car is fairly small, you’d never need a lot of Chutzpah, but you’d at least always have a little!

Realizing that I had only commented on part of her post, I remembered something else “pithy” (debatable, I know!) I wanted to leave on her site.  So, in a separate box I entered this:

One more thing (I just got carried away above amusing myself). Concerning grumpiness – it is indeed a choice! Naturally grumpy people are happier that way. . .the paradox of all time! Occasional grumpiness, in response to circumstance is understandable, and I will let brief periods of it pass – in my friends and family, as long as they are willing to put up with extended periods from me! I will close with one of my favorite all-time quotations, from the play “Harvey:” “My mother always told me, ‘you can be oh, so smart – or oh, so pleasant.’ Well for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.

‘nuf said. . .”

Another comment was left on Nancy Hatch’s blog, “Spirit Lights the Way,” in response to her post about blog-spam:

This is great, Nancy! I get so tickled sometimes, because the comments so obviously show that my posts have not been read. Usually they will show up under some of my serious posts (the one about our ghost cat, for example) and make comments like: “So informative and amusing!” Ding-ding-ding!

Occasionally when I see one of those comments and I’m not entirely convinced it is spam, I will e-mail the spammer back with an innocuous question. If I get an intelligent response, then I know it isn’t true spam, just a phisherman trying to make a living. I still don’t take the bait and give the free advertising, but I’m less annoyed by it.

So, there you have a sampling of how I spend my morning computer time!  I’m clogging up your sites with long and rambling comments, generally about something I’m reminded of!  Remember, my dear Gentle Readers – you are always free to delete those clumsy comments from your blog!  I’ll try not to be too offended! 😀

*By the end of each day, I almost always have read the most recent post on all the blogs on my blog roll.  If I don’t manage to cram them in, I always start the next day with where I left off.  Because of the time involved in reading so many – especially as my roll keeps growing! – I don’t always leve a comment to let you know I have been there.  But just like Kilroy – “I was (t)here.”

Before closing, I want to give a special plug and a recommendation for Emlyn Chand’s blog, “The Ambitious Ambigue.”  Her blog is extraordinarily informative and helpful in re all things blogging.  She is a published author in her own right, and has recently been getting some significant nibbles on more lines she has tossed into the publishing stream.  In addition, she has begun a new business venture targeted at helping other bloggers maximize the potential for their own blog.  I’ve been there and done that!  It was a wonderful experience, and you will start to see some of the recommended changes I got from her on my site over the coming days. You can visit her new page/site here:


In addition, Emlyn has a lot of other services she offers.  Interested in really launching yourself on the social media?  Visit one or all of these:

Twitter Follow Package:  http://www.novelpublicity.com/2011/02/twitter-follow-package/

There is always something new and informative to read on Emlyn’s site – plus you get to read some great “Twitterviews” she posts the transcripts for, if you are not a dedicated “Twitterer.” (I’m really going to try, Emlyn! 😀 )

So there you have it for today.  I’m still behind, time-wise.  Wonder what I’ll post tomorrow?  Drop by and check it out!  It could be earth-shattering or life-changing.  That’s just it!  You will never know unless you click here. ;-D

‘Til then, I’m sure you will agree that this is enough. . .