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I think I told you all last week, Gentle Readers, that the day before surgery, needing new glasses desperately (I was starting to consider putting a harness on Princess and taking her with me as my “seeing eye,” but she’s wall-eyed, and doesn’t see a whole lot better than I do).  So I checked the old credit card balance, and headed off to the optometrist.  I decided that I wanted contact lenses.  Since they are now coming out with better bifocal versions, I figured the time was right to give it a try. 

Got to the office – didn’t have to wait long before I was ushered through various optical tests – the standards, like glaucoma and cataracts – and then went through the vision testing to have it confirmed that yes, I do indeed need a new prescription! Duh! He asked if I wanted to go for contacts, and I replied in the affirmative.  So, after computing the strength for each eye, he came back in with a pair to try.  After being given the instructions on applying and removing, hygiene, etc., I put them right in, and was able to take them out, although I had a bit of trouble getting the left lens out.  I’m doing all this one-handed, remember!  Got it out, put both back in again, and after checking out my vision by reading a couple of things, feeling much better about how I was seeing, I left, with a promise to return a week later to report how they were doing for me!

They did fine.  I enjoyed wearing them, they were very comfortable.  Except I noticed that my vision was not as good as I had immediately thought, and I was having more trouble with distance vision, although that had been a problem lately anyway.  So when I went back the next week, I told him, he did some checking, and brought out a different type of bifocal lenses to try.  These contacts are absolutely the thinnest, lightest things I have ever almost seen.  They do not come tinted (I wanted some green ones, to enhance my already green eyes), but they do have a slight bit of color so you can nearly see them swimming in the solution.  These lenses are thinner than a piece of tissue paper, but wow! did my vision improve!  He said try them for a few days, then come back, and if these are the ones, I’ll be set up with a regular prescription.  Sounded great.  The only problem I was having fairly consistently was getting the lens OUT of my left eye.  I don’t think the one-handed situation was the cause of it, but I don’t know.

So, come Tuesday evening (last night), I went to take my contacts out, (the second ones), for the night.  I had noticed that for the last couple of hours, my vision had not been as good, but my eyes always get tired as the night wears on.  So, I got out my lens case, washed my hands,  and went to take the lens out of my right eye.  I could not get it.  I couldn’t get any sort of grip on it, and I tried so hard, my eye was getting very irritated. I dropped in some artificial tears, and gave it a rest while I went on to remove the lens from my left eye. I wa worried, because that is the eye I have trouble with.  I didn’t want any more.  Wonder of wonders, it came right out, no problem.  For the next hour, I tried over and over again to get the dang lens out of my right eye.  My eye was getting redder and redder, more swollen and sore.  i finally poured in more liquid tears and out of concern that I might actually be scratching my cornea, I decided to go ahead and go to bed (at least lie down) and then wait until morning to try again.  So, this morning, I did.  Try, I mean.  I only tried for about twenty minutes before it really began to dawn on me that maybe there was no lens in there at all, that it had somehow come out on its own, and I had lost it.  So I found my old pair of glasses, and looked up the Dr.’s telephone number to find out if I could drop in to the office today and have him check and see if I actually had a contact in  there.

I didn’t.  When I noticed my vision worsening last night, I probably should have checked to see if I had somehow lost it then, but it never occurred to me that those things which are so hard to take out on purpose could actually vacate the premises on their own! 

They can.  So, Hubs left work a little early, and drove home to pick me up this afternoon, and run me by the Dr;’s office, and have him check the eye.  Upon discovering there was no lens there, he gave me another for that eye, the right.  I had brought my left lens along, but I decided to wait a bit before putting both lenses in, as we were in sort of a hurry to get in some other business for the day. 

We had choir rehearsal tonight, as each Wednesday evening, and on the way we did a bit of shopping.  While Hubs went into a store to grab something he needed, I took the opportunity to put my lenses in.  Went in no problem, and immediately my sight improved, so I threw off, once again, the old inadequate glasses, and enjoyed thinking about the fact that I would actually be able to see the music in rehearsal tonight, instead of guessing.

Rehearsal went great!  Until the last ten minutes or so.  Vision started to get a little blurry, and I was struggling to see the music again.  But, once again, I figured maybe it is just because I’m tired – which I definitely was (and still am).  So, I shrugged it off, and when rehearsal was over, we came directly home.  After checking on Princess and getting her bedded down for the night, I went upstairs to get ready for bed, and of course to remove my contacts – the third set, mind you.  Took out the right lens first – no problem!  Yay!  Went to take out the left lens.  Cannot get a grip on it, but surely it’s there, isn’t it?

It isn’t.  I don’t think.  I’ll have to go and retrieve my glasses and use them until Friday – the next day I will be able to get to the office.  I think it’s about time I go ahead and buy several pair – so I’ll always have a spare.  good grief!  I didn’t begin to imagine what a struggle it would be to keep the things in my eyes.  I do not rub my eyes, so the only thing I figure is that I blink them out.  The lenses are so comfortable that I am not aware they are there, and I don’t blink excessively, but who knows?

So, third pair down. . .I’ll go back Friday.  I’m still up for trying again.  I don’t know why.  I mean, if they were the least bit uncomfortable I would ditch the idea.  It’s just that they feel so good, I see so much better, and I don’t get those red indentations on the bridge of my nose.

Four is a good number, right?  Think I’ll be buying five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten – at least for the next day or two,  that many will be enough. . .


Since the glasses I have are somewhere in our car, and I am not, I have typed this post without any vision assistance.  So if you find some interesting typos or syntax error – that’s why! (Couldn’t possibly be my own regular ineptitude!) I thought about waking up Sonya, except I can’t keep an eye on her, and she wouldn’t make any typos, so spell check wouldn’t work for her.  I’m beginning to appreciate the gift of vision.  Vision doesn’t have to be great, but even pretty good would be appreciated right now.

(* TNG: – The No-lens Gambit)