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I'll have to fill in the blanks, now. . .

First of all, I’d like to promote Emily Wilson’s wonderful blog – My Pajama Days.  If you will click on that link it will take you to today’s page which is a  – ta-da – guest post by yours truly!  Don’t let that scare you away from her blog, though!  She always has some wonderful tales to tell with her own unique perspective on life – “trying it on one flannel pant leg at a time!”

A good friend, on reading my recent post – “Who do you think you are?” – is a member of Ancestry.com and she did some research for me, trying to see what she could dig up about my great-grandparents.  Turned out she dug up quite a lot, and while so far we have only found the first name and maiden-name initial of the elusive Mrs. Usher – It’s Virginia P. – she has found a few more of the Ushers, including all seven siblings of my Grandma Brock.  SEVEN! I thought there had only been five.

I will not go into all this because I know the details are interesting to few besides me, but my Brock ancestry was considerably easier to track, and goes directly back to Richard I The Lionheart! (You may kiss my ring later.)  It also turns out that the Native American heritage is from that side – and quite a Cherokee pedigree it is, too! There is a statue to one of my “Greats,” who was Totsuwha “Aaron” – Chief Redbird-  Brock.  Turns out he was quite the renowned fellow of his time – 1721-1820.  He died at age 99 because he was murdered!  Wonder how long he would have lived had he not been dispatched?  There is a statue and plaque in his honor and memory on the banks of the revir where he died in Clay, Kentucky.  Succeeding generations also walked the Trail of Tears.  The synchronicity of this information falling into my hands amazes me, because Hubs has been doing considerable research into the founding of Lake Junaluska, which was named almost 100 years ago for the great Chief Junaluska.  His search has taken him to histories of the Trail of Tears and along many paths that crossed it.  Turns out one or two of those paths were probably walked by my forebears!

So, I’ll quit now – I haven’t even begun working on tomorrow’s post – but I wanted to give you a glimpse into what reflections have been bouncing back at me from my cloudy mirror.  So much information to feast on and digest!  It seems more than enough. . .