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Actually, the day isn’t all that dour, but when you see this commercial for rubber cement from Spain, it will definitely brighten even the brightest day! 

Now, I offer a brief caveat:  I do not believe the commercial is irreverent or obscene.  It’s really sort of sweet – at least that’s my take on it – it is also very funny, hilarious, in fact, but knowing the variety of sensibilities among my visitors, I’m going to be safe and recommend it for adults.  Since adults are the only people who read my blog as far as I know, I’m not terribly worried.  Please enjoy this commercial in the spirit of fun in which it is intended, and have a great day!

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I hope you all really enjoy this ad, and if you are terribly offended, please forgive me.  It wasn’t my intention to offend, but to entertain.

Have fun, be joyful, be at peace, and please, my dear Gentle Readers, make sure you laugh enough. . .