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Our pussy willows are already popping out – a bit premature, I’m afraid.  Unseasonably warm ending to February has caused an early blooming in many plants and trees.  We are talking to our cherry tree every day to keep it from popping out its blossoms.  Because March is often our coldest and snowiest month, we know that there will be no cherry harvest this year if the tree blooms too soon and gets nipped with cold.  Last year everything was timed perfectly, giving us the one and only cherry harvest we have had since we bought our house 5 years ago.  It might be too much to hope for two years in a row.  We have no control over the weather, and in things like blooming cherry trees, we are not the arbiters over whether we get cherries or not come summer!

Last spring waited to arrive until April, and she hung on, not yielding to any more freezing weather, and then slipped quietly into summer.  This shadow photo is one of my favorites, and it is a pussy willow catkin, ready to leaf out, its shadow lacing the branch below.

April will come when she will.  I’ll be ready.  Though God’s timing is frequently not my own, I’m learning that what comes in God’s time is always soon enough. . .