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I have another confession.  Besides being a bona fide “Trekkie,” I am also an avid fan of “Ghost Hunters.”  Jason & Grant are two such likeable men, with a healthy skepticism and an eye toward finding plausible reasons for what many people feel is evidence of a haunting.  When they actually acknowledge some activity as being paranormal, you are pretty convinced that they are probably right.

If you’ve never seen this television program, it is on the SyFy channel each Wednesday night at 9 p.m.  The show is a lot of fun, and very interesting.  Since so many of the places they investigate have some sort of historical significance, you can often pick up a bit of knowledge while watching.  Sometimes there are very strange things indeed.

My questions to these ghosts or spirits, – if I could ever really communicate with one – would be, “why are you sticking around?  Surely there must be some plane or dimension into which you could enter and continue on the path you have chosen?  Why would you want to ‘haunt’ a place for centuries, getting nowhere?”

My questions will probably never be answered, but I tune in each Wednesday night, wondering if this week there will be some new revelation, some peek into the world “beyond.” Any of you out there have your own ghostly experiences?  I’ve written about our ghost cat, Forrest Gump, and our dog Elvira has been seen around our sons’ homes, checking up on them.  There is probably no one around who would like to  have a first-hand experience with a human ghost more than I would, but other than one questionable incident, I have not. 

That incident happened fairly recently – within the last couple of years.  It was very early one morning, about 2 or 3 a.m. I was suddenly awakened by our cat, Justin, who jumped up and ran to the foot of our bed, and sat down, hackles raised, tail twitching, and fixed his eyes on the entrance to our bedroom. Other than his twitching tail, he was stock still, and was staring intently at the entrance.  I sat up to see what he was looking at (being a little unnerved by  such behavior from him), and at that moment a loud creak came from the threshold of our bedroom.

Our house is 111 years old this year.  Most of the interior is bead board.  The floors are 3″ wood planks.  When walking into our room, if you step on exactly the right spot, and if you weigh enough – at least the weight of an adult – it makes a very distinct creak.  When I sat up to see what Justin was looking at, that creak suddenly sounded. I didn’t feel so much scared as alert! I didn’t see anybody, but I knew somebody was there! Justin held his stare, without moving, for at least 10 minutes. After that time, he just turned around walked back up to the head of the bed, by Hubs, curled up and went back to sleep.

Spirits that inhabit certain homes are said to be stirred when renovations or changes are happening at the house.  At that time we were in the midst of doing some ceiling papering.  Maybe that’s what aroused our ghost.  The handyman who worked for us when we first moved in three years ago, asked us once if someone had died in the house.  We knew that the gentleman whose family we bought the house from had died there, but other than that, we did not know.  He said he did not think that it was him, but he briefly saw the shadows of children around him as he worked, and was definitely spooked.  Since then, Hubs has experienced the same thing, although he wasn’t frightened by them.  I haven’t had such an experience, but they’re welcome to drop by if they want to.  I’d like to ask them:

“Why do you stick around?” 

Dear Readers, by now you know that I am never short of entertainment – I can always find enough. . .