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俳句 (Haiku)

 可能性 (Possibility)

Jingle Poetry’s topic this week for Poetry Potluck is “Idols, Role Models, and Mentors.”  I wanted to submit an entry, but owing to the fact that I wrote yesterday about the abysmal pile of clutter I have created around me, I have decided to tackle the job of creating order out of the chaos in my “Insomnia Room.”  Nothing like a frank confession to stimulate a little correction action!  The job. however, will take a lot of time, so I have abbreviated the length of today’s post by submitting this Haiku around Jingle’s weekly theme:

The Best I Can Be

Fulfill in me my best self
reflecting  God’s Love.


Update on the story of my errant contact lenses:  After managing to keep my contact lenses in my eyes daily for over a week now, I have received my temporary prescription and have ordered my first six months supply of the “green enhancers” I selected.  I went for the mono-vision contacts (one eye for distance, the other for close-up) rather than the bifocal.  They seem to work well for me – at least so far – so I opted for a 6-month trial.  At the end of this trial period, I can “tweak” the lens strength if necessary. 

I don’t want to press my luck, but it appears that I have gotten the boys under control.  We have decided to go steady, and I’m hoping they’ve decided to make this real a commitment. All prayers, wishes, hopes and crossed fingers will be accepted gratefully. I’ll let you know how things go!  Until tomorrow, Gentle Readers, my prayer for you all is enough. . .