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Sidey’s Weekend Theme – at View From The Side – is a bit different this week.  When I first read the prompt, I misunderstood her intention, and came up with this particular post.   I  thought she had asked us to post a favorite photo of our own, and then to write about the feelings that picture stirs within us.  I did not have to think long about what photo I would select.   I have many, many photos I love, but this particular one brought forth a completely new feeling for me, and it is one that pierces my heart every single time I look at it.  This photo of our son, Matthew, quite simply takes my breath away.  My thoughts and feelings related to Sidey’s photo will have to wait until tomorrow.

The flurry of memories that fly in and around my mind when I recall the day our first grandchild, Zoë Alyson, was born are legion. We had anticipated her birth with joy.  As Hubs and I had been blessed with sons and no daughters, the arrival of Zoë was an extra joy – a little lagniappe, because we would have been over the moon whether we had a grandson or a granddaughter!  When we got the call that Zoë had arrived, we packed up our car, made the necessary phone calls and arrangements, and then got on the road for the 9-hour trip to go see for ourselves this new wonder of our world.

I was prepared to be awed by this beautiful little girl, and I was.  She was beautiful and alert from the moment she was born, and now at 6 months of age, she continues to delight my soul and melt my heart each time I see and hold her.  I was not prepared – I was indeed blindsided by the vision of our son Matthew as he cradled his daughter in his arms. Matt is the youngest of our three sons, and all are wonderful men.  Each holds a special place in my heart that cannot be altered by anything or anybody.  The fact that I was given the opportunity to be the mother of and to three such extraordinary beings still brings me to my knees in gratitude to God at the very thought.

Ashley and I walked into the birthing room at the hospital, and did all the “grandparenty” things one would expect!  We kissed our daughter-in-love, our son, and then beheld the incredible gift of God, our Zoë. After I sat down for a few moments, and got my breath, and dried my eyes, I looked up to see Matthew, across the room, holding his newborn daughter in his arms, and gazing down at her; the light that was shining through his eyes was something that I had never witnessed before that moment.  Right before my own eyes, I saw our son, our own baby, become a father. Being witness to that transfiguration was and still is one of the most precious moments of my life.  It was like seeing what you suppose is a very clear picture, and then watching leaf after leaf of filmy overlay peel away and reveal the pristine image, the ultimate reality of the man you thought you knew.

Matthew was, is, always will be our son. But at that moment of clarity, and in my presence, the definition of who he is and all he can and will be was revealed to me.  There has never been a sweeter or more beautiful vision in my life, and the souls of our beloved parents and grandparents  crowded around us, filling that room with unprecedented joy.  I never knew such feelings were possible.  But they are.  The moment was real.  I was there.  I bore witness to this wonder, and I am still in awe.

Gentle Readers, may you all be blessed with such joy, hope, and peace enough. . .