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Just read Nancy’s post for today about good old DST.  Whenever this time rolls around I always get cranky.  The following poorly metered, inadequately rhymed poem was written back in 2009. My feelings about DST and clock-changing in general has not altered a bit since it was written, and it reflected feelings I’ve held for a long time.

And, BTW, now would not be a terribly good time to inform me about my poor attitudes and generally shameful behavior during this time of year.  If I were you, I would not make any comments that would tend to try to shame me into shaping up – it would only serve to rile me further. What you read is what you get.  I’ll get adjusted to DST along about September or so.  Of course that’s just before we change it back.  Sheesh! ***

Ode to Standard Time
© 2009 Paula Tohline Calhoun

Time springs forward, clocks move ahead
As usual messing with my bed-
Time routine of sleeping and rising,
Sunrise doesn't need revising
To another time that's way too late.
Changing the clock is something I hate
Abhor, dislike, disdain.
Please let standard time remain
the standard. Isn't that idea more sane?
(For rhyme's sake only, this line's germane.)
Hey! Standard means regular, predictable, norm -
Let the early birds go get their worm.
Let clocks be so church-goers arrive
at the time posted, awake, alive.
(Instead of late each Spring or early in November -
leave clocks alone - January through December!)
Daylight Savings should be done away with
more light for work and play is a myth.
We all know we'll do those things, light or dark
So quit changing my clock, I'd like to park
My life in good old Standard Time.
Changing clocks has no reason or rhyme.
Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific
Leave clocks alone! That would be terrific.
I think Daylight Savings Time
Should be declared a heinous crime!
Here ends my ode, my paean, my rhyme:
Long live the standard: STANDARD TIME!
OK, Gentle Readers, this badly metered ditty is lame, I know...It's just a few words right off the top of my poor feeble head. I hate DST. It's one of the reasons I don't like the month of March! Hurray for October/November. Standard Time rocks!
OK!  Rant is done for now.  Guess I've had enough. . .

(***Just so you know, I can’t talk right now.  My tongue is firmly planted in my cheek.)