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This time, I think I have Sidey’s weekend theme straight.  Before I follow through with the title essay, I have a little business to share.  I received a comment this afternoon from Bodhirose at Bodhirose’s Blog, in which she awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award!  (See badge on sidebar.)  It will be my honor to pass this award on over the coming days, and I look forward to the opportunity.  In accepting the award, I am asked to share seven random facts about myself.  So herewith are seven off the top of my head (ouch!), that perhaps most of you do not know:

1.  I have an intense aversion to few edible things, and those few are the following:  Black licorice or anything anise-flavored; carraway seeds; green olives; the taste of coffee – alone or combined with anything, including chocolate.  I do love the smell of coffee, however.

2.  I have virtually no natural sense of direction.  As long as the sun is out I can generally find east or west, but if it’s dark – forget it! The GPS is probably one of the most wonderful inventions of my lifetime.

3.  I can count on one hand how many times I have purchased a handbag for myself.  I don’t like having to carry one, and when I used to have to, I could never choose one for myself.  My Hubs has always been the one to get them for me.  Since I have been using crutches for these many years, I have been able to purchase a couple of “over-the-shoulder” bags that are small enough and relatively easy to handle when I must have one with me.

4.  I do not like wearing shoes, and would go barefoot 24/7 if I could get away with it.  Now that I have to wear a brace on my left foot, I have to wear shoes when going out, and except for the fact that it really is surprisingly comfortable, I would not be happy about it.  Until “forced to” by the orthotics specialist, I had never spent more than $35 on a pair of shoes.  The $100 price tag on that last pair was scandalous!! 😀

5.  I have a secret desire to have a one-on-one conversation with the President of the United States – whoever he or she may be – so that s/he will understand exactly how I feel about this nation and its politics, because I am sick and tired of hearing politicians talking about what “Americans want,” without ever having been asked by any of them!  I would also like to listen and understand the President’s point of view and feelings about our country and its politics. (I also harbor the secret notion that what I think would actually matter to him/her! 😀 )

6.  I need absolutely nothing that I do not already have, and I have a great deal more than I need.  I’m making an effort to remedy that second part.

7.  I never knew that I was claustrophobic until my umpteenth MRI. Probably because of the MRI’s.  I can still have them done, but, once again, I’m just not very happy about it.

There you have it!  Thank you, Bodhirose!


Now, on to the weekend theme – a reflection on this photograph:

It seems such a long way from here to there.
And on my way, what will I find?
And when at last I have arrived,
Will there be another horizon ahead?
And more miles to travel?
Will the journey end?
And where will I lay down my head?
And with whom shall I rest?
Should I stop to count the cost
Before I set off on the way?
Would  fear destroy the journey you have chosen for me?
Will I be tested and found wanting?
Must I be prudent, and sure of my strength
Before I face my weakness?
Where is it, this place you have set before me, but there?
And will I be the same,
Or will I ever be known again in the here
I have called my home.?

I will go, but I ask all these things, and more:
From here to there:  How long?  How far?
Will you journey with me,
Will you walk beside me as I go?

Dear Gentle Readers, I wish you strength for your journey; I wish you enough. . .