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Jingle Poetry’s Poetry Potluck this week is on Food, Drink, and Indulgence.  Since the installation of my new printer (replacement for my broken one) has taken up most of my day, and also that I chose to do a system backup, which is taking a long time (big system, I guess!), I have elected to put up my “Ode to Eating” that I wrote last year.  It fits with the theme, and it’s a quick and easy post for a day like today.

Just a quick medical progress note:  Recheck on my “new wrist” with the surgeon today.  Things seem to be coming along acceptably well, if not as fast as hoped.  The best part about it all is that I can now turn my arm without my wrist dislocating, so there is not that pain any longer.  It will take more time to get some really good (for me) flexibility, but I am patient, and I have a good therapist who works me almost as hard as I work myself!  Best news is that I am now permitted to start trying to use my right platform crutch – which means that now that I can use both, I shouldn’t be falling as much!  YAY!  Enough of that – on to the poem (about one of my favorite subjects!):

Ode to Eating
© 2010 Paula Tohline Calhoun

When did the joy of eating

become a sinful passion –

And our senses take a beating

From being slaves to fashion?

The richness of a frosted cake

The salty crunch of chips

Are given up, and in their wake

Leave rock-hard abs, and bony hips.

Which in and of themselves are good

Being slim is no disgrace

But surely tasting, savoring food

Still has its rightful place!

Sweet aromas in the air

Fresh bread with honey dripping

A newly ripened peach or pear

And dry white wine for sipping.

Can we without a sense of guilt

Enjoy in moderation

The pleasures of our stomachs filled

And voice appreciation

For meals by loving hands prepared

And laughter ’round the table shared?

          Here’s to the wonderful sense of taste

          I will not have it go to waste

          Or foolishly give up its pleasure

          For the sake of a smaller waist to measure.

Savor life, Gentle Readers, and pray that all people, especially the children,  will have food enough. . .