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The photo challenge for this past week was “Home.”  Talk about a difficult thing to capture in one photograph!  Home to me is not necessarily a place – it is more the soul of a place, and that place can be anywhere and everywhere!

I have lived in many houses
But only one home,
For all my life.
My home has traveled with me
And at the same time stayed behind
It exists in time and out of place –
A dream, an idea, a solid foundation.
Wherever my family is, my home is.
Wherever my home stands, my heart of love beats.
My heart holds my family within it
Within my family is my home.
Home is where my family is.
My heart is where my family lives.

So, rather than a single photograph, I chose to create a photographic collage of the many aspects of my life-long home.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Erin go bragh! 
I wish you all – always – enough. . .