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The prompt for Jingle’s prompt for Poetry Potluck this week is “Lies, Deception, and Misrepresentation.”  Apparently, through no fault (mostly) of my own, yesterday’s post, was not published until 3 seconds after midnight tonight.  WordPress had problems yesterday, and so did I – trying to get my own video up and running.  Every time I posted it, it would show up on the preview and then disappear on the actual post.  Oh well, I think it’s solved.  If the video that is supposed to be the previous post doesn’t appear on your screen, then write a letter of complaint to WordPress.

However, I will make good on my promise to post for today,my entry for Jingle’s site.  Having done that, I can relax a bit – as I have about 22 hours to come up with Thursday’s post, and I already know what the subject will be. 

Here’s the poem:

  The Arbitrator of Self-Esteem
©Paula Tohline Calhoun 2011

For as long as I can remember,
Your verdict has been the last word,
Appraising every line and curve.
I found my wisdom through your eyes.
So certain you would tell no lies.

Every time I faced you, seeking
The truth that only you could tell –
Unvarnished, and with no holds barred –
You would always set me straight, or
Shield me from some kindly traitor. 

When I gazed your way you taught me,
Not to trust what others saw.
The flattering words that earnest friends
Might say, should always be ignored.
And never heed their loving word.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
How could you have so deceived?
What could you have hoped to gain?
You thought slandering your reflection
Preempted possible rejection?

It seems I am the mirror,
And conversely, the mirror is me.
I do not know exactly why
I allowed others to so deceive –
     But I at last am now the wiser,
     Advancing age is a kinder advisor.
     The whispers that I choose to heed
     Are those that satisfy the need
     To say, “I’m beautiful,” and believe.


I wish you all enough. . .