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I’m posting this cartoon because it made me laugh.  I’ve been saving it in my cartoon library for one of those days when you’re not quite sure what to post.  This has been one of those days – but I’ve had a lot of those lately!  Nothing especially bad or anything, just different!  As a matter of fact, I’ve had an extraordinarily GOOD thing happen to me this week that I am going to tell you all about later on.  But, today, you get this cartoon, and the following “ambivalence” poem, which reflects the way I’ve spent a good portion (but not all) of my time recently!

BUT – It has nothing to do with the cartoon.  Let’s just call this entire post an exercise in non-sequitur.


MAYBE. . .
© 2009 Paula Tohline Calhoun

I think it was, I don’t know now
seems to have come and gone, somehow.
There’s an unresolved something
gnawing at my mind,
something I had searched for
but never did find.
At least I think it was, but I
couldn’t tell you when, or why,
or even if it may have been
a random thought or erstwhile whim.
But I think it was, or could be now;
don’t know where to look for it –
I never learned how
to turn thought to action
or whim to being
something worth saving
remembering, freeing
from dust-bins of memory,
salvaging the fate
I thought I’d forgotten. It may be too late.
I think it was, I don’t know now
but it seems to have come and gone somehow.


It has been an interesting week.  Lucky you!  That’s all you have to read from me today!  
And as always, my Dear Gentle Readers, I wish you enough. . .