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The weekly WordPress photo theme is “Ocean.”  I could not help but choose the obvious, so here are a few photos from last year’s vacation in Duck, North Carolina – on the Outer Banks (the OBX to anyone who has ever visited there.).  Most of the mornings while I’m there I take the short walk from our rental home down to the beach to watch the sun rise.  Even on the morning’s when the sun is obscured by more pressing matters, the ocean never disappoints me, and always fills me with a wonder that is peculiar to itself alone.

The clock tells me that dawn is approaching
And the saying is surely true
That when the night feels day encroaching
It exhibits its darkest hue.
So quickly I slip on my sandals,
Find my sweater, then slip out the door,
My hands firmly grip my crutch-handles
And I hobble my way to the shore.
By the time I arrive at the boardwalk
That bridges the dunes between me and the sea,
Assorted seabirds have begun to squawk
Announcing the day that is coming to be.
Setting my sandals beside the stairs
And tossing my crutches aside
I softly whisper my morning prayers
And step out to meet the tide.
I cast my gaze to the horizon 
And wait for the very first ray
And watch ’til I can’t keep my eyes on
The sun, as it turns night to day.
Shades of green, white, pink, and gold
Show forth, then yield to blue
And every time my eyes behold
This spectacle, it’s new.
I’ll walk upon the foamy sand
And feel the waves embrace
My words that flow from heart to hand
In witness to the Grace
That woke me when the time was right
And whispered to my spirit
To go and see day conquer night
To tremble, yet not fear it.

Thank You God for beckoning me
     To find You shining on the sea.


God has given me so much!  I have been given enough. . .