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For Sidey’s Weekend Theme:

And brighter stars than I see tonight
will shine in tomorrow’s skies.
Their deepening glow reminds me Who You are:
Each spark of shining light
has canceled out the night,
You are my Guiding Star.
          ( From the song “Star Gazer
                ©1993 Paula Tohline Calhoun)

My brother John is a wonderful photographer.  He took a time-lapse photo one night that reveals the trails made by the stars that dance their way around the North Star each night.  The North Star that has brought more people home than anyone could ever count.  Even knowing that, I don’t believe I could chart my path home – or anywhere –  by that star, because quite frankly, at night I would not have the foggiest idea which way was North, much less be able to pick out that star from the countless billions of others arrayed above me.

The only Guiding Star I have is God – the only One Who has never steered me wrong.  I wish you all Gentle Readers, guidance enough. . .