I'm the younger and prettier one. . .

You won’t hear much from me this week.  About a month ago, a very dear friend and I made some plans for her to come down and visit for a week. If we see each other once a year we are lucky.  At times there have been many years between visits, but we are never very far apart.  We have known each other – been true and fast friends – for 46 years.  Yesterday she arrived.  We have not stopped talking, laughing and sharing since she arrived.  Skype is a wonderful thing, but it just can’t hold a candle to giving and getting hugs to and from a friend in the flesh!  So, I’m happy, and I’ve done more laughing in the last 36 hours than I have in a long time.  Her visit has
come when I need it most!

She will be flying back home (I’d love to say on her broom, but this time she came in on a jet), next Saturday, so until then I will be very occupied, and my computer time will be somewhat curtailed.  The computer and this blog have some stiff competition from my friend Jean!  But by the end of the week, I will post some pictures of our celebration.  You see, Jean turned 60 on March 14, and I will be 60 on April 15.  Being the older and wiser of the two of us (but I’m prettier, and that’s what counts), she thought we ought to celebrate our 60th birthdays together, so we chose a time in the middle.  So far, so good – although I will say that when we were much younger we were known to occasionally come close to blows!  It’s a long story, but it probably has something to do with her obsessive love for the most overblown composer of all time – Richard Wagner.

I must get this post up before the end of the day, and then go back to our conversation.  I have asked her to join me sometime this week as a co-writer of a post.  I thought I would offer a couple of memories, and then she could either argue, retort, or share a memory or two of her own. I’ll be interested in what she has to say.  Once you get to meet her, you will be interested in what she says, too!  Until then, Gentle Readers, I wish you all at least one friendship in your life that brings you joy.  I wish you all enough. . .