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Those of my Gentle Readers who have such a need, coupled with lousy spelling and/or grammar – here’s the site for “you”!  I am sooooo glad I checked my e-mail first thing this morning.  Otherwise I might have gone on for hours without this vital information and link.  Were I to be asked (oddly enough, people seldom ask me anything – especially when they know that I am famous for my brief, concise comments), I would tell the marketers who generate such helpful and vital comments that it’s important to actually read the blog in which you have decided to advertise, and equally important is to proof-read your comment before posting it.  All I can say right now is Thank God for Akismet! 

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Now, on to my usual self-serving personal news round-up:

Anyone wonder what happened to me yesterday?  For the first time since I began my Post-a-Day 2011 challenge, I skipped a day.  Boo-hoo!  My apologies to those who may have gone through  withdrawal.  I’ll endeavor not to repeat this cardinal sin of omission. Here are few of the things that swallowed up my computer time, and kept me away from you all for the day:

1.  I found out that today (April 6) is National Tartan Day.  Everyone who has one is supposed to wear one.  Therefore I spent part of my blog time preparing my “Clan Colquhoun” outfit for the day.

2.  A great deal of our time was spent laughing/talking/crying/gabbing/laughing/laughing some more, etc.  I took Jean on a sightseeing and shopping tour of beautiful downtown Waynesville, during which – incredible as it might seem, we  laughed/laughed/shared/cried/laughed/laughed/ate/laughed/laughed/laughed some more, etc.

3.  Coached my friend Jean, a dedicated and expert Mac user, on the ins and outs of PC use and Word Press.  I then saw the wisdom of letting her write her guest post on her Mac, then performing a cut/paste action to get it onto my Windows 7 PC.  Live and learn.

4.  Went on a computer rampage trying to find the introductory paragraph that I wrote for Jean’s post.  She had “accidentally” trashed it.  Our search was eventually successful, because, if you read it you will see that my intro is still there.  No way to prove it is the original, except that if I had to rewrite it, it would have been different.  (If that doesn’t make sense to you, you don’t know me well enough yet.)

5.  I prepared shrimp/scallop/chicken gumbo for what I hoped would be a celebration of Jean’s and my 60th birthday.  It ended up to be 3 gallons of gumbo for three people – Hubs, Jean, and me.  Hopefully, we will have two or three more people coming later this week.  Good thing gumbo is better the second (and third) day!

6.  We laughed/laughed/shared/cried/laughed/laughed/ate/laughed/laughed/laughed some more, etc.

7.  I went to bed without having read my e-mail, and without fulfilling my “Post-a-Day 2011” Challenge obligation.  Those of you who know me fairly well will be delighted to know that I didn’t even stress over it!  I figured, “So what!  What I did do was worth it!  I also managed to put together about 4 hours of sleep over the course of the night.

8.  I got my meal plans taken care of.  In addition to the gumbo, I’ll be making strawberry shortcake, using my Mom’s recipe for scones as the shortbread part, and whipping up some real whipped cream to go on top! Lots of beautiful, fresh Florida strawberries in the middle!

9.  I couldn’t see myself while I was sleeping, but I can pretty much guarantee you that a smile was on my face all night – asleep and awake!  Must have spent my dream time laughing/talking/laughing/gabbing/laughing/crying/laughing/laughing/laughing. . .

So, Gentle Readers – now you know!  I didn’t waste my time.  I spent it well and productively.  After all, when it comes to laughter, one can never get enough. . .