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It is  long story, and I will tell you all about it a bit later, but I do want to give you an inkling of what is to come.  Some of you might recall that since I got my camera last year, I have been completely sucked in by the whole craft and art of photography.  Early on I knew that my “point and shoot” Sony – as wonderful a camera as it is – was not going to be enough for me to satisfy my desire to become a better photographer.  I wanted a DSLR.  It is an unfortunate fact of life that I have always had expensive tastes.  The camera that I had my eyes on would cost me a minimum of $4,000, and that would not include some of the lenses that I also wanted, and the lenses are the most expensive part of the whole shebang – many costing in the thousands of dollars themselves.

Knowing that amount of money was not readily at hand, I made the decision to make the very most I could of the camera I have and enjoy it to the fullest.  That is exactly what I have been doing. Enjoying!  Two weeks ago I received an incredible gift from a woman I had only met the day before.  She gave me her Canon EOS20D DSLR ca,era, plus 4 lenses, plus every accessory you could possibly think of, even the carrying bags.  I am still reeling from this blessing, and i am quite unable to express my amazement and joy at such a gift.

The story about how this all came about I will tell you this weekend, but until then, the following is a slide show I put together from some photos I took today.  I have been studying the manual, learning about how to take advantage of all the camera has to offer.  I have not even managed to scratch the surface, but I’m having a ball.  Up until today I had only been fiddling around with it, getting used to its weight, and testing whether I have the hand/wrist strength to operate it without a tripod.  I’m pretty sure i will be able to handle it, with a few minor adjustments on my part.  So, until I tell you the whole story, here is my very first set of photos taken with my new camera.

It is enough. . .