Jean and me. . .

“The time has come,” the walrus said, “to speak of many things.”  And believe you me, we followed the walrus’ suggestion!  We spoke of many things, and are now pondering the end of our week-long visit together.  We are in the process of doing those things we said we would do, but have managed to put off until the very last.  Sort of like the way I’ve been posting lately!  I promised a photo or two, and I’m upping the ante and giving you a brief video performance of the fabulous duo of Gralley and Calhoun.

We have cut up quite a bit, but Jean will be doing the cutting out as she flies the coop tomorrow.  It will be strange not having her around – I have enjoyed so much having her as a sounding board.  Plus we managed not to come to blows!  But then there were no discussions of Wagner, so I guess we were safe.

Please remember the camera adds 50 pounds, and tends to mess the hair up and cause eyes to appear baggy and tired.  We actually look like Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon – you decide which is which.  The clip ends saying we haven’t come to blows, however, you will notice that the camera jump makes it look and sound like we did. 

To me, the week was too short.  It was probably just about right, or dare I say, enough. . .