The following is a six-sentence excerpt from a memoir/essay entitled “March 1, 1975.” This selection is my submission for the “Six Sentence Sunday” site – which invites writers to post six-sentence excerpts from their work each week.  All are invited to share.  Find out more about it by clicking here.

“Our life together has been far from perfect, but it has been wonderful; full of challenges, and overflowing with God’s mercies – our family and friends not the least among them. As we look back we see things that happened in our life together that at the time did not make sense, but now on reflection we see how God was preparing us for each new step, each choice we would make as the road of our lives would take us in directions we ourselves had not planned. For that, I am also grateful. My own life-maps and plans are not nearly as wonderful as God’s.

So, this morning, I had no reason to say “Rabbit!”  I have now all the blessings I could ever need or want, and the best one – my husband – I just reached over and kissed – Lucky me!”

I hope to post on Sidey’s weekend theme late today.  Until then, and even if I don’t manage to post some more, I wish you all, my Gentle readers, enough. . .